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SLIDESHOW: Framingham High Awards 515 Diplomas To The Class of 2017

Editor’s Note: Update on June 5 at noon with more photos. Source will continue to post photos to this report all week. Framingham Source took more than 1,000 photos during graduation.  Click here to view more than 750 photos already posted.

FRAMINGHAM – Diplomas were awarded to 515 Framingham High students at Bowditch Field this afternoon.

Framingham High does not recognize a class valedictorian nor salutatorian. Instead the Class President, and two seniors, selected by staff, get to address graduates.

“Take in the experiences you’ve shared with your peers here, and be grateful,” said Framingham High Class President Jordan Ramsay. “There are members of the Class of 2017 who embodied the spirit of Framingham High School and deserve to be sitting on this field today, excited for the years ahead. Through the most unfortunate of circumstances, several students’ lives were taken far too soon as illness did not allow them to reach graduation day. With heavy hearts and grateful souls, we carry their legacy through our memories as we honor their difficult journeys. The point is, we are lucky to be at graduation, live these healthy lives, and get the support and good fortune that has allowed us to make it through. We are here by a combination of our hard work and our blessed circumstances, which is not the case for everyone. There is a special energy here today, an energy that I wish to share with them. You show your accomplishments in your smiles, your unity in your gowns, and the limitless success as you look beyond Bowditch Field. We have been given this gift that not everyone has, so be grateful. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to them to take it forward at the greatest speed possible.”

Ramsay told the graduates: “Together, we have created a community of acceptance, diversity, and unity. There is Framingham in your blood and there is Framingham in the tears of joy that we all share together. We are hardship, we are strength, we are determination, we are courage, we are passion, and we are one. We are Framingham. Never stop believing in yourselves, and never stop remembering that there is always home here in Framingham cheering you on every step of the way.”

Editor’s Note: Click here to read his entire speech to the Class of 2017.

Framingham High Vice Principal for the Class of 2017 Jeff Convery when the students were juniors held an assembly and played the country song Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw.

Convery told the graduates don’t let the lyrics just be words. “If you all you remember are the words, it didn’t have the impact that I had hoped for. Kindness, along with generosity, honest and integrity, and compassion, all make living a bit more meaningful.”


At the end of his address, he sang part of the song for the Class of 2017.

One of the senior speakers was Sophia Silva, who said her fellow graduates should take pride in their individuality, along with their diversity.

“Despite society’s overwhelming obsession with making us conform,” she said, “You’re special.”

More of the senior individuality could be seen on their caps. Click here for a slideshow of photos from the mortarboards.

Graduate Minh Ho was the other senior speaker, who spoke of coming to Framingham High from another country and succeeding.

Framingham High Principal Elyse Torbert, who is leaving the district in July, concluded her remarks with a free-form rap.

IP Photography posted 375 photos from Framingham High’s Class of 2017 graduation. Click here to view.


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