LETTER: Framingham High Students ‘Disappointed’ In Principal’s Decision on RFL Program

Editor’s Note: Letter was submitted to Framingham Source by the chair Framingham High School Democratic Committee Ohad Klopman, who said he represented the the group’s consensus and opinions. The letter is written in response to Framingham High Principal Elyse Torbert’s decision to “restructure” the RFL program.


Dear Mrs. Torbert,

In our time here as students of Framingham High School, we have seen, been acquainted with, and bonded with students who have benefitted from the Resiliency for Life program.

The work of the faculty in the RFL is invaluable to the growth and education of dozens of students. Most come from less fortunate backgrounds. They lack the blessings we take for granted, but they are strong. The faculty and the teachers who run the RFL help the students in the program prove that their upbringing holds no influence over the path they take in life.

Education is available to all, and the RFL proves that everyone is worth educating. Everyone is capable of learning.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that you have cut the RFL program at Framingham High School. History has taught us to be skeptical of the word “restructuring.”

Perhaps it was a decision made out of budget cuts; perhaps it was something else. We are anxious to know the details that influenced the decision. We urge you to release your justification for this.

We have no intention of supporting the decision.

At the same time, we do not want to offend you.

The students of Framingham High School, especially those at risk, deserve a safe space to go for help.

Without the RFL, they have nothing, no one committed to helping them.

As principal, it is your responsibility to encourage programs at the high school that serve the best interests of the student body.

A diverse student population like that of Framingham High School is bound to have students in need.

No amount of budget cuts can justify cutting a program as important as RFL.

It’s a shame, too, that your successor was not included in the decision.

Together with the new superintendent and principal, we will work to reinstate this program, a program that has been so successful in its tenure here, a program that partially funds itself through grants.

There was no apparent reason to shut it down.

We respectfully request that you release to us a statement justifying your decision.

We are disappointed in your decision to cut the RFL.


The Framingham High School Democratic Committee

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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