Watch School Buses, Vehicles Ignore Stop Sign in Framingham Off Central Street

FRAMINGHAM – It is the law to stop at stop signs. And in Framingham, Central Street has seen its share of crashes.

Late last month, Amanda Shepard spent three hours video recording the intersection of Central and Fenwick Street, where she observed vehicle after vehicle that drove or rolled through the stop sign, including Framingham Public School buses, other school transportation vehicles, an MWRTA vehicle and even a Framingham Police vehicle.

“It’s a horrible intersection,” said Shepard, who shared her video with Framingham Source.

In landscape architecture, people create their own paths, she said.

And at this intersection, the drivers have decided where they want to stop, and it’s not at the stop sign, she told Source.

“Not only is it the law to stop,” she said, but it will also help to prevent crashes, if everyone stopped at the sign.

Shepard said she called the town’s engineer who said that additional signage will not work. She came to the conclusion that traffic enforcement is needed at the intersection and asked if Framingham Source could help.

“I was shocked and dismayed by the number of school buses ignoring the stop sign,” she said. “And to record, an actual police officer not obeying the law was especially frustrating.  Our civil servants should at least set a good example and follow the law.  And school bus drivers really really should follow traffic law.”

Framingham Lt. Robert Downing said the town’s engineers are looking at that intersection.

Lt. Downing said yesterday, May 9, Framingham Police have been doing enforcement in the area and ticketing drivers, who don’t stop at the stop sign.

Lt. Downing said he called the Framingham Public Schools and the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority about the video, and reminded them to have their drivers follow the rules of the road.

Framingham Public Schools Chief Operating Officer Ed Gotgart said “it is unacceptable” for any school bus driver to not stop at a stop sign. He said he expects all of the district’s bus drivers to stop at all stop signs along their routes.

“All drivers of the MWRTA will be notified of this intersection and instructed to come to a complete stop before inching out to get the clear, safe view to proceed,” said Eva Willens, deputy director of the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority yesterday, May 9.

“A memo and a map of the intersection will be posted in the driver’s area. Every driver will be handed a memo by a supervisor and reminded that all vehicles must stop at all stop signs, regardless.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please let me know if you have any questions,” said Willens.



Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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