UPDATED: Nomination Papers Available Today For New Framingham City Government

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Town Clerk’s office may be busy today, as May 1 is the first day nomination papers can be pulled for those seeking elected positions in the new City of Framingham government.

Nomination papers, with the required signatures of registered voters, are due back on July 3.

Editor’s Note: As July 1 falls on a Saturday, the town clerk has moved the deadline for nomination papers to July 3.

Thus far, there are no declared candidates for mayor.

Last week, Selectman Charlie Sisitsky and State Rep. Chris Walsh both announced they would not run for the highest office in the City of Framingham.

Individuals running for mayor must collect 500 signatures, and at least 25 must be from each of the 9 districts.

City Council

Under the new city form of government, there are 11 city councilors. Two are elected city-wide and nine are elected by district. Each district is comprised of two of the Town’s 18 precincts.

There are already five declared candidates for district city council.

Margareth Shepard announced the night of the April 4 election for District 7, which is Precincts 13 & 14. This morning, Bill Lynch also announced his candidacy for that seat.

Cheryl Gordon, who was elected to Framingham School Committee on April 4, announced a week later she would seek a seat on the city council in November. She and Robert Case have announced they are running for the District 5 seat, which includes precincts 8 and 12.

Finance Committee member Michael Cannon, who formerly served as an elected Town Meeting member, told Framingham Source this morning, he will be taking papers for city councilor for district 4, which is precincts 6 and 9.

Individuals running for an at-large city council seat must collect 150 signatures of registered voters, and at least 10 signatures from each of the 9 districts.

Individuals running for district councilor must collect 50 signatures from registered voters all from the district.

School Committee

Presently, the Framingham School Committee is comprised of 7 members elected town-wide. Under the new city government, there will be 9 members elected by district.

There are already two races.

Current School Committee members Jim Kelly and Beverly Hugo are running for the seat in District 1, precinct 1 & 2.

And School Committee member Scott Wadland is running against FSEPAC co-chair Sheryl Goldstein for the District 3 seat, which represents 4 and 7.

Yesterday, School Committee member Rick Finlay announced he would be running for the District 2 seat, which includes precinct 3 and 5.

Individuals running for School Committee must collect 50 signatures from registered voters all from the district.

Library and Edgell Grove Trustees

Under the new city form of government both the library and, Edgell Grove cemetery trustees are still elected.

Editor’s Note: Updated this report to note that library trustees and cemetery trustees will not have an election until 2019.

In 2019, the four members of the library trustees elected in 2015 and the trustees elected with the third and fourth highest votes in 2016 will need to run for the 6 seats available. Other candidates may also pull papers for those six seats.

In 2021, the four members of the library trustees elected in 2017 and the two in 2016 with the highest vote totals, will need to run for the six seats.

There is no election for cemetery trustees in 2017, either. The first Edgell Grove election is in 2019.

Individuals running for library or cemetery trustee must collect 50 signatures of registered voters.

South Vocational School Committee: Keefe Tech

The Charter approved by voters on April 4, gives the Mayor power to negotiate with the South Vocational district member communities to have the mayor appoint the Keefe Technical School Committee members for Framingham. The communities that make up the regional district (Ashland, Natick, Holliston, and Hopkinton) must agree to the change in the contract. Town Meeting in each of those four communities would have to agree to the contract change, as well. If the communities agree to the contract change, the Mayor would appoint individuals for 3-year terms.


Editor’s Note: Source will publish announcements by the candidates per our election policy. Source will also post a report at the end of today with a list of everyone who pulled papers on May 1.



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