UPDATED: Framingham To Hold Recount On City Vote Monday

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Town Clerk’s office will hold a recount of the April 4 vote that changed Framingham from a Town to the City of Framingham.

Members of the group Not This Charter submitted signatures required for a recount earlier this month, and Framingham Assistant Town Clerk Lisa Ferguson certified the signatures.

To have a recount, 10 signatures of registered voters from each of the town’s 18 Precincts was required within 10 days of the election. Norma Shulman submitted signatures on Monday and again on Tuesday, April 12. The group is seeking a hand court of all 11,000-plus votes cast on April 4.

The group is seeking a hand court of all 11,000-plus votes cast on April 4.

on April 4, voters passed a ballot question passed by 108 votes – 5,690 voted for a city and 5,582 wanted to stay a town.

The recount vote will take place on April 24  in the Memorial Building at 9 a.m. The public can attend.

Two registrars from the Democratic Party and two registrars from the Republican Party were required for the recount.

Selectmen appointed two temporary Democratic registrars last week, as the two registrars had made a public statement on their position on the charter question. Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey was chair of the Framingham Charter Commission and Linda Fields was a vocal no vote.

Appointed temporary Democratic registrars were Town Historian Fred Wallace and Board of Health Chair Michael Hugo.

The Republican registrars are Eng Cho and Bruce Wester.

If the recount is confirmed, Framingham will hold elections in November for mayor, the 11-member City Council, and a new 9-member School Committee. Depending on the number of candidates who pull papers after May 1 and return them with the required signatures, there may be a need for a primary election in September.

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