Team Framingham Runner Profile: Andrew McDonnell

Editor’s Note: The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 17. Framingham Source will profile several of the Team Framingham runners raising money for 6 Framingham based charities between March 25 and Marathon Monday.


Andrew McDonnell

Hometown: Framingham

# of marathons: This is his first.

#of Boston marathons:Boston 2017 is the first marathon I signed up for. I ran in an indoor marathon Jan 29, 2017 for training, running 21 miles.”

Why run Boston? “Running in the Boston Marathon is a chance to be a small part of a big history, achieve a personal accomplishment and raise money.”

Which charity are you raising money for? Why? “I am running for Voices Against Violence in Framingham.  They help families in a time of crisis throughout Framingham and 13 neighboring communities, this kind of support and protection is so critical, and domestic violence is something that people are not always comfortable speaking about. ”

Click here to support Andrew and Voices Against Violence.

Why do you like to run? “I like running because it’s a great stress relief and feels good (after I’m done).”

What is your goal for the 2017 Boston Marathon? “I would like to finish in less than 4 hours.”

McDonnell said he is “heavily dependent on my iPhone for training. I use Pandora for music, Runkeeper for distance and time tracking, and Uber for when I can’t back to my car. It has been great to run with my teammates from Team Framingham.”

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