Team Framingham Runner Profile: Mark Goldschmidt

Editor’s Note: The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 17. Framingham Source will profile several of the Team Framingham runners raising money for 6 Framingham based charities between March 25 and Marathon Monday.


Mark Goldschmidt

Hometown: Framingham

# of marathons: First

# of Boston Marathons: First

Why run Boston?  This will be my first marathon and my first Boston.  I don’t think I’d ever want to run a different one but we’ll see.  It’s been at the top of my “bucket list” for much of my life, and now that I’m approaching my late 40’s I thought it was time to stop making excuses (and there have been MANY over the years) and to go out and make it happen.

Some of my earliest memories are of standing along the route across from the old Long Pontiac where Wings Over and Marathon Liquors are now with my mother, brother and best friend Joan.  We would hand out orange slices while listening to the band play on the roof of the building.  Now I live just 3 blocks from the route and most of our neighborhood walks to the corner to watch every year.

Which charity are you raising money for?  Not only do I WORK in the Resiliency for Life Program with some AMAZING students, but I am also lucky enough to have been able to select that as my fundraising charity through Team Framingham.

We are very fortunate to have the support of Selectman Jason Smith who has kept us on the list of six charities.

I urge your readers to consider donating $26.20 (to honor the historical 26.2 mile course) or whatever they can to support our current and future students so that they can thrive like Sabetha  or Nathalia  or Jamar.

Our students are full-time Framingham Public School students, but our program is only about half-funded by the school system, and over the past 3 years we have expanded into Cameron and Walsh Middle schools. It’s become increasingly hard to raise the well over $200,000 that goes towards helping families with therapy copays, field trips for our students to visit colleges so that they can SEE what their future might look like, and even stipends to pay staff for their after school time.

Support Mark by clicking here.

Why do you like to run?  I am running for many reasons.  First and foremost, it’s a bucket list thing and I’ve grown tired of it eating at me every year when I watch people of all shapes and sizes nobly pass by me.  I love Americana and having new experiences and always wanted to know what it was like to see the route from the runner’s perspective and especially to cross that finish line on Boylston Street.

Secondly, I want to show my two daughters, ages 9 and 6, that they too can and should make lofty goals and then do the hard work it takes to make them happen, even when excuses flood our minds and try to steer us off track.

Thirdly, I hope to convey the same message to my students in the Resiliency for Life Program at Framingham High School.  These students are at risk of failing grades or possibly even dropping out of school for many reasons, including challenges at home, social/emotional obstacles like depression, anxiety and trauma, and even being new to the country and its academic expectations.  Going through the training process has taught me a great deal about how hard it is to sustain motivation over a long period of time to do things that are very hard when we only truly have ourselves to answer to.

What is your goal for the 2017 Boston Marathon? My main goal for the marathon is to finish (and I’m not just saying that), but I also hope to complete it in about 4 hours.  If I could inspire just one person–my daughters, my students or anyone else-to run the marathon or just to set and pursue some OTHER goal then that would feel great too.

The “training process has been an inspiring experience,” Goldschmidt said.

Goldschmidt said  “any time I feel an ache and even consider cutting my run short I can shift my mind to a specific student or two.  They push through physical and especially emotional challenges simply to get themselves to school or to complete their homework each day, even though there are countless reasons why they might not.  Our program is voluntary, and these amazing young people fight hard each day to take another step towards their goals.”

“I never knew that on any given Saturday or Sunday morning throughout the winter and early spring there are HUNDREDS or runners out training on the course, especially on the carriage road that runs alongside Commonwealth Ave. in Newton, site of the infamous Heartbreak Hills,” he said.
Goldschmidt said he occupies his “mind by reading people’s inspiring t-shirts and jackets that are dedicated to causes like conquering cancer or supporting Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber or the Martin Richards foundation among hundreds of others.”


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