UPDATED: Framingham Voters Re-Elect Brosnahan; Oust 2 Incumbent School Committee Members

FRAMINGHAM – If the vote for the a city form of government was close with a 105 vote difference, the race for School Committee seats came down to four votes.

Voters, on Tuesday, re-elect Michelle Brosnahan to the 7-member School Committee through January 1. She topped the ticket with 4,664 votes.

If the town form of government was endorsed, she would have served a second 3-year term. Instead, with a City form of goevrnment she will need to run again for a seat on the School Committee in November 2017.

Voters were asked to choose three individuals to serve on the Framingham School Committee. There were five candidates.

Voters also elected Town-Wide PTO President Scott Wadland to the School Committee. Wasland had run before and lost. Thsi year, he finsihed second out of five candidates with 4,339 votes.

Wadland was sworn in Tuesday night and will meet with School Committe Chair Heather Connolly today, April 5, in anticipation of tonight’s School Committee meeting. It will be the first School Committee meeting for newly-hired Superintenent Robert Tremblay.

Finishing third was Cheryl Gordon, who runs a Facebook page called Chat About the Framingham Schools. She received 4,288 votes. After the votes were certified on Wednesday, Gordon received 4,292 votes.

Incumbent School Committee member Jim Stockless finished fourth with 4,2,84 votes. After the votes were certified on Wednesday, Stockless received 4,289 votes.

ncumbent School Committee member Don Taggart finished fifth in a  5-way race with 3,583 votes.

Wadland said Tuesday night that his 4-prong platform of “improving communication, accountability, transparency, and equity” resonated with voters.

He said he worked hard attending many events and speaking to lots of voters about his message.

“I was hardly ever home,” said Wadland.

Gordon said “I am honored to have been given this opportunity to serve my community. I look forward to working with the new superintendent and on ensuring a smooth transition to our new city structure.”

Gordon said she plans to run for a seat with the new City form of government. She has yet to decide if that will be a School Committee seat or a City Councilor seat.

Gordon has yet to be sworn in. The Town Clerk said she wants to wait until the recount is complete.

In the last two years,  three incumbent School Committee members have been voted out. Last year, Rick Finlay ousted incumbent Eric Silverman.

Many parents have been unhappy with how the School Committee dealt with former Superintendent of Schoolsl Stacy Scott, who continues to receive a pay check even after resigning in December 2016.

Last May, Framingham Source exclusively reported that Scott worked the entire 2015-16 school year without a valis superintenent license, which his contract required him to have.

“There was a dissatisfaction in regards to Dr. Scott,” said Wadland. “Parents felt Dr. Scott was not held accountable.”


Presently, the 7-member School Committee is elected for 3-year terms. The 7 members server staggered terms, with three seats up in 2017. Under a City form of government, each School Committee member now would be elected every two years – all at once. (The City of Newton does the same thing.)

Prior to the election, all 7 School Committee members were elected at large and all 7 resided north of Route 9, while 60 percent of the students in the district live south of Route 9. If Gordon holds on to the third spot, she lives south of Route 9.

Under the city form of government, all 9 School Committee members would be elected by district. An election for all 9 seats would be held on November 7, 2017.

This means that not all the incumbents School Committee members can win a city School Committee seat. For example, incumbents Beverly Hugo and Jim Kelly, would be in the same city district, and only one can serve on the new City School Committee for that district.


Photo of Wadland campaigning on election day in the rain.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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