29 Framingham Teachers, Staffers Receive 2017 You Are Special Awards

FRAMINGHAM – Twenty-nine school employees received the 2017 ‘You Are Special’ awards at the 25th Annual Salue to Framingham last night, March 30.

Annually, the Salute program recognizes Framingham teachers and staff who go the extra mile to make each day “special” in our public schools.  These teachers and staff are given a “You Are Special” designation and are publicly recognized as part of the Salute to Framingham.

Last night, Interim Superintendent of Schools Ed Gotgart and incoming Sueprintendent Bob Tremblay congratulated the winners.

Editor’s Note: Source will publish profiles on each of the winners between April 1 and the end of the school year on June 20.

The 2017 “You Are Special” recipients are:


Mike Fenton BLOCKS Preschool
Ofelia Caballero Barbieri Elementary
Maria Grassi Barbieri Elementary
Susan Schuler Brophy Elementary
Robert Blackadar Brophy Elementary
Kathleen Flaherty Dunning Elementary
Cheryl Phillips Hemenway Elementary
Tracy Lambert Hemenway Elementary
Lydia Jones King Elementary
Shawna Graham McCarthy Elementary
Laurel Martin McCarthy Elementary
Leslee Hodgman Potter Road Elementary
Holly Davis Potter Road Elementary
Donna Jones Stapleton Elementary
Michelle Biasella Stapleton Elementary
Doris Chiero Woodrow Wilson Elementary
Elizabeth Gallagher Cameron Middle School
Angie Goldberg Cameron Middle School
Antonio Marin Fuller Middle School
Kathy Gagen Fuller Middle School
Dalia Stewart Walsh Middle School
Taylor Collins Framingham High School
Donna Mello Framingham High School
Carolyn MacKinnon Framingham High School
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