LETTER: School Committee Member Says City Charter Supports The Framingham Schools

Framingham has a proud tradition of supporting our public schools. The proposed charter embraces this tradition.

First, the proposed School Committee increases from 7 at large members to 9 district members.

Currently, all 7 members of the school committee live north of Route 9, while 60 percentof our students come from south of Route 9. While we do our best to act in the interest of all students, regardless of where they live, this proposed district based School Committee enables a more diverse conversation about our schools. Every neighborhood will have a voice at the table.

Secondly, under this charter, the School Committee has the same exact authority as the current School Committee and the Council by a veto-proof two-thirds vote has the same ability to increase the school budget as does Town Meeting.

Thirdly, the mayor will serve as a nonvoting member of the School Committee.  Their presence on the School Committee gives them year-round first-hand insight, instead of just at budget time, into the needs of the schools and our students. For years there has been talk about whether the municipal side and school side could find areas to work collaboratively, such as in technology. The mayor has the opportunity to bring the two sides together in ways our current system does not allow.

Three of my colleagues on the School Committee and Representative Chris Walsh, all strong advocates for our schools, support the Charter.

I believe this charter works in the best interests of our schools, and more importantly, our kids. I hope you join me in voting yes on April 4.

Ricky Finlay

Framingham School Committee Member

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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