LETTER: Framingham Business Association Urges Residents To Vote Yes For City Charter

The Framingham Business Association and its members ENDORSE the recommendations of the Charter Commission to replace the existing slow to respond and often dysfunctional Town Meeting and Selectmen form of government with a more efficient and inclusive Council/Mayor form of governance to increase accountability, transparency, efficiency and ethical behavior.

The FBA applauds the Framingham Charter Commission in its efforts to establish a new Charter for our great community.

The FBA urges Framingham voters to vote ‘”YES” for Framingham on April 4.

FBA Mission Statement: In 2015 The Framingham Business Association (FBA) was created to promote and protect the value, importance and significance of a thriving business community in the Town of Framingham, and to ensure that local businesses’ needs are being considered, understood and supported by the residents and government officials. 

FBA goals include advocating on behalf of our local business, informing and educating the public and government of the essentials which local businesses require in order to succeed and thrive, and promoting the continual benefits and value which our local businesses provide to the Town of Framingham.

The FBA strives to be a good example of a successful community driven alliance dedicated to making a positive impact on behalf of the businesses and residents alike in the Town of Framingham.  The FBA believes that a thriving local business community equals a thriving Framingham.

Framingham Business Association

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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