Women2Women Today Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With Host Jennifer Maseda

FRAMINGHAM – One year and 20 episodes later, the Woman2Woman Today show is changing the way women relate to each other at a local level.

The Host and Executive Producer of the show, Jen Maseda, has interviewed a wide range of local female guests, from a nationally recognized Angel Investor who supports local female entrepreneurs to a lawyer who, in her spare time, is changing the industry of log rolling and axe throwing.

“This show is a platform for women who are committed to reaching out, mentoring, and lifting other women and after a year of episodes, the response has been overwhelming,” said Maseda. “Next to you in the grocery line or at your kids’ soccer game might be a woman who is making strides towards changing the culture of an industry or cultural values for women in a very positive way.  You wouldn’t know that unless you ask and Woman2Woman Today lets us ask the questions that we all want to know, ‘How do you do it?’ and ‘How can we help each other so all women have the opportunity to succeed?’”

From the show’s TV set to its format, Maseda, in partnership with the producers of the show, Access Framingham TV (AFTV), is helping to change the stigma of local cable access.  The set is vibrant and modern, with a feminine flair that rivals a network show. Show producers are constantly evaluating viewership which, over the course of the year, guided them to re-format the show into shorter segments with richer content to capture the valuable lessons and advice from guests.

“Working with Jen to co-produce Woman2Woman Today was the right choice because we were aware of her energy, passion, attention to detail and professionalism from previous projects. Access Framingham is proud and excited to work with Jen because she’s a dedicated producer and host. The collaboration with AFTV Studio Coordinator Shavarsh Morrissey has resulted in a quality program the community and viewers can enjoy and be proud of every time it airs,” said Scott Mercer, Executive Director, AFTV.

“Every guest who comes on the show brings her unique story and becomes part of a community of women supporting one another to achieve success,” said Jess Friswell, the show’s Assistant Producer and guest wrangler.

Woman2Woman Today celebrated its one year anniversary with the taping of two episodes on Sunday, March 12 at Access Framingham, 4 Vernon St.  Framingham’s own Nathalia JMag, the celebrity designer from Project Runway Season 15 and Kristina Tsipouras, a local entrepreneur, CEO of Moroccan Magic and Founder of Busy Girl Consulting, as well as the Founder of the Boston Business Women’s Conference.

“I close every show with the tag line, ‘Come be inspired with us’ and I can confidently say that the local women on our show, women from every generation, diverse in their ethnicities and experiences, traveling various paths, leading to their own levels of success, women who have graced the Woman2Woman Today by sharing their journey with us, truly do inspire us to keep going, keep working towards achieving our own extraordinary lives.,” commented Jen Maseda, who is also the President and Founder of The MetroWest Conference For Women.


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