Congresswoman Clark Calls For U.S. Attorney General To Resign

WASHINGTON DC – Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who represents Framingham, is calling for the resignation of the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session.

“Attorney General Sessions should immediately resign. Americans need to be able to trust our nation’s top law enforcement official, and it’s becoming clear that Sessions lied to the public under oath. This apparent perjury not only shreds the Attorney General’s credibility, it jeopardizes the Justice Department’s ability to protect American families,” said Clark, a Democrat.

“This, combined with recent revelations regarding Michael Flynn’s and the Trump campaign’s communication with the Russians, underscores the urgent and immediate need for an independent investigation into the Trump administration’s connections with Russia,” said Clark.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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