4 Women Vying To Be Framingham Selectmen

FRAMINGHAM – This year, only women are running to be Framingham Selectmen. It will be a 4-way race for two 3-year seats.

The deadline to submit nomination papers was today, January 17 at 5 p.m.

The election is on Tuesday, April 4.

Running for re-election are Selectmen Chair Cheryl Tully Stoll and Selectman Laurie Lee.

Challenging the two are Town Meeting member Deborah Butler and former Town Meeting member Gwendolyn Holbrow.

This could be the last race ever for Selectmen in the Town of Framingham.

Also on the April 4 ballot, will be a home rule charter question, asking residents to eliminate Framingham’s Town form of government in favor of a City form of government with a mayor, an 11-member City Council, and a 9-member School Committee.

If the charter question passes and voters say yes to a city, an election would be held in november to elect the new City Councilors, who would start on January 1, 2018.

Editor’s Note: Framingham Source will not be endorsing an candidate nor will it take a position on the Town vs City question. It has published an election guide. Click here to read it.



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