Framingham High Students To Hold Rally To Raise Awareness of 795 Murders in Chicago in 2016

Editor’s note: The following is a student submission to Framingham Source

By Framingham High School Facing History

The estimated distance from Framingham, Massachusetts to Chicago, Illinois  is 962.6 miles, but that did not stop a group of Framingham students trying to make a change.

Framingham High School’s Facing History Class is trying to shed light on the violence in Chicago as an Upstanding Project. Chicago had 3,550 shootings and 795 murders last year, which is the most homicides in over two decades. This averages out to about 10 shootings and two murders each day. Surprisingly, this means that more people were killed in Chicago last year than soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

The goal for this project is to increase education in order to limit the gang violence growing at a rapid rate in Chicago.

The class has started a petition to send to the department of education, the global partnership for education, and Michelle Obama.

One Hundred signatures are needed on the online petition in order for this petition to be sent to the persons listed above. The online petition can be found at and typing in “To Increase Education in Chicago to Decrease Gang Violence.”

As of this afternoon, the students have more than 500 signatures.

There will be either members of the class at a table or walking around during all four lunches this week to gather signatures for the petition.

Follow the class’ movement on instagram @chicago795, on twitter @fhschicago795, and the name on Facebook is Chicago795.

There will be a rally held in the front gym of the high school, on Friday January 13, right after school. This will be open to Framingham High School students and staff in order to further spread awareness and education about Chicago.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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