2 Framingham Middle Students Ingest Edible Marijuana On Way To School

FRAMINGHAM – Two Framingham middle school boys ingested edible marijuana on the way to school yesterday, January 9, and became ill, according to Fuller Middle School Principal Jose Duarte.

The boys ingested the marijuana not on school property, Duarte told Framingham Source.

Both boys became very ill, but both boys were back in school today, Duarte said this afternoon.

Source has learned that at least one of the students had to go to the hospital on Monday.

Other Fuller students and their parents said the boys ate the “edibles” on the school bus.

Edible marijuana can take several forms, including a type that looks like candy. Police are investigating. It is not known at this time, what form the “edible marijuana” was ingested.

Duarte, issued an email to parents this afternoon and also talked to Framingham Source today, also.

“This incident serves as a reminder for all adults to inform children that if they find something which appears to be edible, it can be potentially dangerous to eat something when one does not know where the food came from. There are multiple ways in which people can become sick from eating unknown foods, whether found on the street, a class, on a bus, or offered by a stranger,” said Duarte.

Duarte, in his email to parents wrote “two of our students became sick as a result of consuming a food item that was found outside of the school premises.  Fortunately, both are in good condition now and returned to school today.”

Duarte asked parents to “take the time to talk with your children.  What may seem extremely obvious to adults is not necessarily well understood by children
still developing their common sense.”



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