NECC Founder Put ‘Profits Over Patients’ Says Prosecutor

BOSTON – The trial of former New England Compounding Center co-founder began at U.S. District Court in Boston today, January 9.

Barry Cadden of Wrentham is charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder and other offenses under federal racketeering laws. It total, he faces 97 charges.

Cadden was a pharmacist and former president of the now closed Framingham-based New England Compounding Center, which the U.S. Center for Disease Control and investigators linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak, that  killed 64 individuals nation-wide and infected more than 750 more people, across 20 states.

In opening statements today, federal prosecutor George Varghese told the jury Cadden put “profits over patients,” reported WBZ radio.

Varghese portrayed Cadden as a callous fraud who brushed off environmental warnings, ignored expiration dates, fabricated false patient names and knowingly imperiled thousands of lives by shipping drugs from a flagrantly unsanitary lab, reported USA Today.

“It’s a story of greed, but mostly, it’s a story of fraud,” said Varghese to the jury.

Cadden’s lawyer Bruce Singal said his client is not responsible, during opening statements.

Cadden’s attorney said he was not one of the individuals who produced the drug.

“He is not a murderer and he is not responsible for their deaths,” Singal said, reported

Cadden had pleaded not guilty, when arrested on the charges. (Photo courtesy of Wrentham Police.)

New England Compounding Center, according to investigators, produced and distributed tainted steroids to clinic and hospitals, that caused the deadly meniginitis outbreak in 2012.

Cadden is the first person connected with the New England Compounding Center and the deadly outbreak to go to trial.


Editor’s Note: The now closed New England Compounding Center was based in Framingham. More than 750 people were infected with meningitis and 64 people were killed across 20 states in 2012. None of the victims were from Massachusetts. As a one-woman newsroom, Source is not covering the trial live, but will produce summary reports throughout the trial.



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