UPDATED: Mass State Police Capture ‘Exhausted’ Fugitive Morales in Somerville

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SOMERVILLE – Massachusetts State Police have confirmed the fugitive James Morales has been captured in Somerville and is now in their custody.

The fugitive was captured after attempting to rob a Citizens Bank in Somerville by two Massachusetts State Police Troopers. He was arrested just before 4 p.m. today, January 5.

Massachusetts State Police said Morales, a native of Cambridge, was arrested by Trooper Joseph Merrick and Trooper Brendan Cain after an on-foot pursuit in Somerville’s Foss Park area. Trooper Merrick spotted Morales near Route 28, and pursued him on foot for about two blocks, apprehending the federal prison escapee, when he tried to jump a fence.

The two Troopers were part of a press conference after the arrest. Merrick called the capture of the fugitive a  “team effort.”

Merrick, said after the foot chase, Morales was “exhausted.”

“No fight left in him,” Cain added.

When arrested, Morales was unarmed.

“Excellent teamwork by public safety officials to bring this fugitive into custody, including MSP Trooper Merrick who apprehended Morales,” Tweeted Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Morales, 35, is scheduled to appear in federal court in Providence, R.I. tomorrow, January 6, on charges he escaped from prison.

Earlier in the day, January 5, Morales is believed to have attempted to rob a bank in Cambridge earlier today.

Morales escaped from a federal prison on December 31 in Rhode Island, and was last seen in Framingham on January 1. It is believed Morales headed to Framingham to visit the home of his ex-girlfriend.

A former U.S. Army reservist, Morales had been held awaiting charges that he stole 16 guns from an U.S. Armory Worcester in 2015. He also was facing child rape charges.

The Warden at the prison in Rhode Island Daniel Martin said Morales escaped by climbing a basketball hoop to reach a rooftop, cutting through a fence, and climbing through razor wire. The prison did not notify the U.S. Marshals about the escape for more than 3 hours after it took place.

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