Upside-Down Cooking Ends Chef’s Goal of $25,000 on Food Network

Framingham resident and Natick Chef Alastair McLean redeemed himself on his first task on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen television show with Alton Brown last night, but he didn’t win the final round or the $25,000 prize.

In a previous appearance, the Australian-born McLean had to cook his entire meal with “coffee heat.”

“Last time I had this burner, it ruined me,” said Mclean, who is the director of food & beverage at VERVE Crowne Plaza in Natick.

It didn’t ruin him last night during the 60-minute television show.

McLean had to use a small coffee tin size burner to cook his breakfast. He¬†created a sausage and egg breakfast burrito good enough to make it to the second round, which he didn’t do in his first appearance on Cutthroat Kitchen.

In the second task, McLean had to cook an Alton Brown “surprise” French onion soup while walking a “tight rope.”

McLean created an uncoventional French onion soup with bacon not beef, while walking between prep and cooking stations on a beam and only allowed to use a pole equipped with a knife and whisk for prep.

He survived to the final round, where he had to preppare a pineapple upside-down cake, which hanging upside down.

But his competitior’s Bourbon-based cake bested him.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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