UPDATED: Marian/Keefe Schools Suspend Hockey Program After Anti-Semitic Behavior

FRAMINGHAM – Keefe Technical and Marian High School have suspended their combined hockey program, after anti-semitic and derogatory behavior.

The two Framingham-based high schools conducted an investigation into the combined boys hockey program after allegations were made, and they decided to cancel the rest of the season.

 A copy of a letter sent out by the Keefe Technical principal was sent to Framingham Source this morning, Dec. 21.

“I am both saddened and disappointed to report that the Keefe Tech and Marian High investigations found both anti-Semitic and extremely derogatory behavior and actions have occurred among players on the team during the season,” wrote the Keefe Technical High School Principal Shannon Snow.

“Our investigation found that this was not an isolated instance or stand-alone event; instead, that this has been a pervasive issue with the team and that there has been an overall toxic and negative culture that has permeated the team dynamics,” wrote Snow.

Marian High’s Principal also sent a letter to hockey players and parents on Monday, Dec. 19, (See the letter below) which the Archdiocese of Boston provided to Source, this afternoon.

“Interviews uncovered a pattern of locker room activity in which the players admitted to participating in these type of comments and action, in what they described as ‘joking around,'” wrote Marian High Principal John Ermilio. “”Clearly, this is not behavior that Marian High or Keefe Regional Technical School condones.”

“Behaviors, such as these, even if intended only to be ‘locker room activity’ are in direct opposition to the mission statement of both Marian and Keefe,” wrote Ermilio.

“While individual discipline has been imposed upon several players, it is the joint decision between Marian and Keefe that the hockey season will cease operations from this point forward and that all remaining games on the schedule will be forfeited,” wrote the Marian Principal. “I understand this is a disappointing outcome for all players and families involved. However Ms. Snow and I are in agreement that this is the correct action toward establishing a new culture” for the program.

“We understand that the players actions took place out of the sight of the coaches,” said Terrence C. Donilon, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Boston. “The school is confident, if they had observed such behavior, they would have acted to stop it.”

Donilon said Marian High is “planning to compete in hockey next year and would welcome the coaching staff back.”

Framingham High had an incident in 2015 with its football team in the locker room, in which anti-semitic behavior took place before the Thanksgiving football game against Natick.


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