UPDATED: Town Meeting Members Tell Selectmen Social Club Operating As ‘Night Club’

FRAMINGHAM – Town Meeting members told Framingham Selectmen that a social club in town is operating as a “night club” and hosting “happy hours,” which are illegal in Massachuetts.

Framingham Town Meeting member Kathleen T. Demarco, who lives on South Street, told Framingham Selectmen that the Portuguese Club, also located on South Street,  is “infringing on our peace and tranquility in our neighborhood.”

She urged the Framingham Board of Selectmen to deny the club its alcohol license for 2017, because the club is “operating as a night club” with a DJ until 1 and 2 a.m.

“They are charging fees “for admittance and holding “happy hours,” said Demarco last week.

They are not acting as a “non-profit” social club, said the Precinct 16 Town Meeting member.

Demarco said she asked Framingham Police to investigate and nothing has been done.

“We don’t need this type of entity in our neighborhood,” said DeMarco, who said they are “deceiving” the community.

Framingham Selectmen Chair Cheryl Tully Stoll told Demarco that the Board could not deny the Club its license for 2017, without due process last Tuesday.

Instead, Stoll asked acting Framingham Police Chief Steven Trask to have the Club investigated, and to report back to the Board with any violations in January. If violations are uncovered, a liquor license hearing would be held and sanctions, including revoking the alcohol license, could happen.

Framingham Town Meeting member Cynthia Laurora said she did some investigating of her own, and agreed with Demarco.

“Basically, in five minutes,” I could see they were “operating as a night club,” said Laurora, who said she witnessed cocktail waitresses pouring alcohol down patrons throats.

Laurora said there are advertisements online for the Portuguese Club asking people to pay $25 and $35 for admittance to the “best nightclub” in the region.

She urged Framingham to investigate the Club.

Laurora, who lives in Precinct 11, said she was not opposed to night clubs, but that night clubs belong in a business district and not in a “neighborhood.”

“This belongs on Route 9,” she said.

Selectmen Chair Stoll agreed and handed over files and documentation Demarco and Laurora presented to Selectmen to acting Chief Trask at last week’s Selectmen’s meeting.

Framingham Source tried to reach the Portuguese Club several times last week, but no one answered the phone.

“They are advertising for a New Year’s Eve party,” said Laurora, who said something needs to be done now.

Editor’s note: Below are postersfor a Halloween party, a winter bash, and a concert where admission was $35 per person for the Portuguese Club this year.


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