PHOTOS: New Framingham Principal Awards Trophies, Pins To Students Who Achieve

FRAMINGHAM – New Fuller Middle School Principal Jose Duarte wants to celebrate his students’ successes.

So the first-year principal held assemblies this week for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to showcase their achievement in class and in school.

Each grade had its own assembly, and parents were invited to attend.

Students, who received all A’s and top marks in effort, were awarded a “high honors” trophy.

Students, who received all A’s and B’s in the first report card of the year, were awarded smaller “honors” trophies.

“My hope is that students who did not receive a trophy will work harder so they can be awarded one next time,” said Duarte.

There are about 450 students in the middle school, one of three in Framingham.

Fuller Middle School is rated a level 3 school by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which means it is an underperforming school. Framingham’s other two middle schools are level 2. Level 1 is the best performing school.

The cost of the trophies and pins was about $1,200.  Duarte said he is looking for business sponsorship to pay for the awards for his students.

Students, who participated in the recent production of Little Shop of Horrors musical with the theatre department, were awarded a certificate and a pin.

Students, who participated in band, also received a certificate and a pin.

Students, who had not missed a day of school, were awarded a “perfect attendance” pin and certificate.

Attendance has been an issue at Fuller Middle.

According to the state, Fuller Middle students averaged 8.8 absences in the 2015-16 school year. State statistics have 34.6 percent of the school’s students missing 10 or more days of school in 2015-16, with 20 percent of the studenst at the school missing more than 10 percent of the required 180 days of school.

“I have already seen the students wearing their pins in school,” said Duarte during the grade 8 assembly. The grade six assembly was held first.

“My wish is for students to put the pins on their backpacks or their coats to show their pride in their accomplishments and their schools,” said Duarte.

Many of the parents, who attended the assemblies, were impressed with the positive changes by the first-year principal, including the launch of these “achievement assemblies.”


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