Framingham Groups Organizing ‘Standout” Against Racism Event Tuesday

FRAMINGHAM – Several groups in Framingham are asking residents to take a stand against hateful words and ethnic and racial bullying by attending a rally at the intersections of Route 135 and 126 on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The “Standout” rally was inspired by a push by the Massachusetts Teachers Association that called for a statewide standout “with the message that all students of all religion of all ethnic and racial background are welcome” in Massachusetts.

The Framingham Standout is sponsored by Framingham Teachers Association, Interfaith Clergy Association, Welcoming Framingham, MetroWest Showing UP for Racial Justice, and Framingham Coming Together.

One of the groups sponsoring the event wrote on its Facebook page there have been incident in Framingham.

“In Framingham, a Latino student was bullied and threatened that he will get deported, an African American kid was called the “N” word, and a Muslin student was similarly treated. These actions have no place in Framingham,” states the Welcoming Framingham Facebook page.

The Standout in Framingham is scheduled for Tuesday night from 5 to 7. All are welcome to attend.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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