Framingham First Conducting 2-Question Survey About City vs Town Form Of Government

FRAMINGHAM – Framingham First launched a 2-question survey this weekend to gauge how residents feel about the work of the Framingham Charter Commission, over the last seven months.

You can participate by clicking here.

This past spring, voters said yes to create a Framingham Charter Commission and elected 9 Commissioners to work on a home rule charter to present to voters in April 2017.

That Charter Commission is proposing a Mayor & Council form of government to replace our current Selectmen, Manager & Town Meeting.

The questions ask:

  • Do you support or oppose a proposal to replace the current Town Meeting-Selectmen-Manager form of government with an 11-member City Council-Mayor form of government?
  • If the new City form of government is accepted should Framingham be known as the City of Framingham or “a city known as the Town of Framingham”?
“Over the last seven months of the Charter Commission’s work there has been a great conversation around Framingham’s future,” said Mary Kate Feeney.  “Framingham First launched a 2-question poll this weekend in an effort to gauge residents’ thoughts on the current charter. So far, the response has been great. I look forward to ,ore results as the week progresses.”
If you have not been following the Charter Commission’s progress the last seven months, you can read the draft charter here.
Originally, the Charter Commission voted to propose a 13-member City Council, but then later voted to change the proposal to 11-members.
The Charter Commission is also proposing a 9-member School Committee, with each member elected from a specific district, comprised of two of the current 18 precincts.
The Charter Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 10 at Brophy Elementary School at 7 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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