UPDATED: Framingham High Student Sent Notice About A Clown Attack; School Says It’s A Hoax

A Framingham High students sent a email that a “killer clown” would be at Framingham High on Thursday.

Framingham High Principal Elyse Torbert sent an email to parents just before 5 p.m. stating the email was a “hoax.”

Torbert said the Framingham Public School district “received numerous calls and messages regarding social media tweets and posts about a disturbing clown-related message.”

Torbert said after an “investigation” by Framingham High administration, police at the high school, and the district’s technology department the “the student who created and circulated the post as an attempted hoax” was identified.

“This student will face appropriate school consequences,” wrote Torbert to parents.

“As a result of our investigation, we believe this incident poses no threat to the FHS community,” said Torbert.

Clown reports have caused disruption across the country, and the Commonwealth.

A male student at Methuen High was summonsed to court after disrupting a school assembly wearing a  mask with clown features Wednesday morning, reported The Eagle-Tribune newspaper. 

The “appropriate suspension was brought forward,” said the Methuen Superintendent to the daily newspaper. “It’s a different world. It’s not funny; we can’t tolerate it. We have to take it seriously, so they dealt with it accordingly.”

The report of a clown caused an alert on the campus of Penn State University earlier this week, and forced the lockdown of the campus of Merrimack College in North Andover, this week too.

Clown reports have happened in more than two dozen states.

While many were hoaxes, a handful of the incidents have resulted in arrests nationwide.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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