How Big Is The Framingham Class of 2029?

FRAMINGHAM – This year’s kindergarten class is larger than graduating class of 2016 from Framingham High, but smaller than recent kindergarten classes in the Framingham Public School district.

School districts are required to submit enrollment numbers to the Commonwealth on October 1.

Editor’s Note: The state has yet to update its enrollment data and is still showing 2015-16 school year enrollment figures, as of October 5.

This year’s kindergarten class is 696 students, according to the Parent Information Center, as of last week.

The Class of 2028 was 742 students as of October 1, 2015, said the Parent Information Center.

The Class of 2016, as of October 1, 2015, was 495 students.

Kindergarten classes have consistently been over 700 students for the last several years.

The October 1, 2015 enrollment data submitted to the state, had each of the district’s elementary school grade levels over 700 students, except for grade 5 at 698 students. In comparison, the middle and high school student enrollments, all grade levels were in the 500s except for the graduating class and the class of 2018.

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