IMAGE GALLERY: Flooded Areas of King Elementary Repaired Over the Summer

FRAMINGHAM – During February vacation, four pipes burst in four schools in Framingham causing ‘catastrophic’ damage.

One of the more damaged schools was King Elementary School, where a thin tube radiation heat pipe froze and then burst in room 112, flooding the area formerly occupied by the Parent Information Center, as well as the front lobby, and several rooms in the front of the school,.

Yesterday, August 26, Framingham Schools Director of Building & Grounds Matt Torti gave a tour of King Elementary School to Acting Superintendent Ed Gotgart, as well as School Committee members Rick Finlay, Jim Kelly and Beverly Hugo, showing off the completed repairs,.

When the pipe burst water flowed down the walls, bubbled in the ceiling tiles, and drained into the kitchen on the bottom level of the school, built in the 1950s. The amount of water caused the plaster in the walls to soften and soaked carpets to the extend that they needed replaced. Replacing the carpet, meant exposing the asbestos tiles underneath the carpet.

That work, as required by federal regulators, needed to be completed when students were not attending school.

In April, The Town of Framingham and the school district opened sealed bids from companies, who could remove the asbestos tiles. The public school district had planned to remove asbestos tiles from the classrooms as part its estimated $195,000 capital budget project, but added additional areas to remove the tiles in the school, after the flooding.

Visible damage from the flood is non existent, as you walk into the town’s ninth elementary school located on Water Street. The lobby is clean and bright. The office space to the right of the lobby is repaired and busy, in anticipation of the first day of school on Monday. This year, the school will house students in grades kindergarten, first, and second grade.

To the left of the lobby, is a new library, art room, music room, special education and other classrooms. Each classroom has new carpet, new furniture, new cabinets, etc. Teachers and staff were unpacking boxes and decorating the rooms preparing for the 2016-17 school year.

The music room, had a table of xylophones, another full of drums, and a cart full of small musical instruments.

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