Boys Scouts Propose Constructing Training and Service Center For Nobscot Reservation

FRAMINGHAM – The Boy Scout of America, Knox Trail Council, has filed a plan to construct a training center and service center on property it owns at 1300 Edgell Road, known as the Nobscot Reservation.

Today, August 24 town staff will hold an internal meeting on the application before the Planning Board’s schedule hearing next month.

The first public hearing on the project is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 1 at 7 p.m, the same night Framingham Town Meeting members will consider to purchase the Millwood Golf Course 60-plus acre property.

As it is a Dover amendment project, for educational use, the Planning Board would have limited site plan review.

The Nobscot Reservation property is located off Edgell Road in a residential zoned area of Framingham.

The proposed use of the property, according to Boy Scouts is for construction of an on-site educational training program.

Boy Scouts are proposing constructing two new buildings, a 6,053 sq. ft. training center, which will contain an auditorium, breakout rooms and classrooms to conduct seminars, workshops, small lectures, meetings and group educational programs (“Training Center”), and a 5,702 sq. ft. service center, which will contain office space for administrative and program staff to support this array of educational programs (“Service Center”).

Under Massachusetts Law, no ordinance or bylaw shall “prohibit, regulate or restrict the use of land or structures for educational purposes on land owned or leased by the commonwealth or any of its agencies, subdivisions or bodies politic or by a religious sect or denomination, or by a nonprofit educational corporation; provided however, that such land or structures may be subject to reasonable regulations, concerning the bulk and height of structures and determining yard sizes, lot area, setbacks, open space, parking and building coverage requirements.” This is known as the Dover amendment.

As the project was filed as a Dover Amendment one, the applicant is not required to submit a traffic, environment, or community impact study with the plans to the Town fo Framingham.

The Knox Trail Council of the Boy Scouts has its headquarters on Union Avenue in Framingham. The project was designed by the Boy Scouts of America Inc., based in Irving, Texas.

The deadline for public comment on the proposed Dover amendment project by the Boy Scouts is Monday, Sept. 19.

Earlier this summer, part of the more than 400-acre property was on fire for more than a week, but not the area proposed for development. The reservation is currently closed due to that fire.



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