Judge Rules Against Meningitis Victims

BOSTON – A federal judge has ruled that the victims of a deadly meningitis outbreak in 2012, linked to a Framingham company,  can not speak in court when the majority owner and her husband are sentenced in November.

In July, Carla Conigliaro, the majority owner of the New England Compounding Center, and her husband Douglas, pleaded guilty to illegally withdrawing cash from their bank accounts following the outbreak. Prosecutors said the couple withdrew the money “in a manner intended to defeat financial reporting requirements.” Douglas Conigliaro withdrew about $120,000 in a series of 92 transactions; Carla withdrew about $4600 in 11 transactions.

As first reported by the Boston Herald, a judge has rejected the prosecution’s motion to submit victim-impact statements, because he could not “sentence the Conigliaros for misdeeds for which they have no criminal responsibility.”

Neither were charged with making the steroid drug that killed 64 people and injured more than 750 0thers in 2012.


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