Have You Seen This Chester? Missing Since Wednesday

FRAMINGHAM — Have you seen this parrot?

Geoff Kling was on vacation when he learned that his beloved parrot had gone missing, from the person who was pet sitting him in Framingham.

Kling said he “caught the first flight home,” but Chester has not been found.

Chester first went missing on Wednesday evening, near Benson Street in Framingham, said Kling.

He was last seen on Bethany Road, on Thursday, said Kling Saturday night to Framingham Source.

Chester is about 8 inches tall. He is bright green with an orange-yellow head.

“If he is spotted, please do not attempt to chase or grab him, because he will most likely fly away,” said Kling, who asked that anyone who sees Chester to call him at 978-618-8580 and “keep an eye on him.”

Missing Parrot Chester August 2016
Missing Parrot Chester August 2016


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