O’Connor Wins Comeback Fight; Returned To the Ring To Help Framingham Youth

TOPEKA — Ten months after he was knocked out in a fight, Framingham boxer Danny O’Connor stepped back into the professional ring Saturday night, August 13 in Kansas.

O’Connor, who now has a record of 27-3, came away from the fight with more than a victory.

The only reason he returned to boxing was to help get his new mentoring program off the ground.

“I said, I would never return unless it was for a good reason. I don’t like the brutality of the sport, and all the trauma. I value the quality of my life. I do not enjoy hurting others either. I understand fully the risk in this return, but I trust in myself. This is who I am, and what I’ve made my life in. I have the chance to do something really special in our community with my kids mentor program and help so many lives of future generation, For the kids is the best reason there is to fight again so the future kids don’t have too,” said O’Connor to Framingham Source earlier this summer.

For the last nine months, O’Connor has been running a pilot boxing wellness mentoring program for six young men. The reason he went back to professional boxing last night was to get the money to help even more young kids.

“What I have to say to them, they understand,” said O’Connor. “I have been, where they are now. ”

O’Connor said boxing helped him, and he knows he can use the skills in the ring to help today’s teens, who need support.

Besides boxing, the program teachers the youth about learning from your mistakes, setting goals, and maintaining relationships. O’Connor describes the program as a complete wellness program – both physically and mentally.

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O’Connor tweeted this photo early Sunday morning after his victory in the ring in Kansas , against previously undefeated Jerry Thomas, now 11-1-1.


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