2 With Framingham Ties To Compete on Season 15 of Project Runway

Two designers, with Framingham ties, will be among the contestants on the 15th season of Project Runway, which will premiere on Sept. 15.

Framingham State fashion design and retailing alumni Corey Ortiz and Nathalia Castrillon, who goes by Nathalia JMag, are among the 16 contestants, announced the network yesterday.

Project Runway, is a reality television competition that chronicles young fashion designers, as they compete for a chance to win $100,000 to start his or her own design line.

Ortiz, 24, now lives in Boston. According to his website, he likes to create “garments that emphasize the importance of individuality and uniqueness.” He creates designs that are inspired by geographic and architectural landscapes. Click here to view his 2015 collection.

He was inspired by studying at the Accdemia Italiana School of Fashion Design, in Florence Italy, and honed his “textile print fabrication fusions” while a student at Framingham State.

Castrillon, 23, lives in Framingham. She has her own style blog. You can view it, by clicking here. She posted a blog post about being on the reality television show yesterday.

“It’s still blowing my mind a little bit; I have to say that this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding. I was stretched to my limits but I learned and grew so much from this experience. It truly is a dream come true, ever since I started designing I have wanted to get on the show, I never auditioned because I didn’t think I was ready but this year I felt ready and decided to audition for season 15, and by the grace of God I got on the show,” she wrote.

For Lifetime, Nathalia JMag, gave a tour of her closet in Framingham, which spills into several rooms. The designer shows off some items from her new collection, in which she states, she loves hooded items, and was experimenting with faux furs and plastics.

Ortiz has a lot of denim, leather, and prints in his closet. Click here to view Ortiz’ closet tour. He said he is big into bags and shoes, showing off a pair of cork Nike sneakers.

Yesterday, in Nathalia’s blog post, she apologized for not posting often.

“I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get on; it’s not that I don’t believe in myself its just that I never thought they would choose little ol’ me out of the thousands of people who audition for the show. Fast forward three months and here I am part of the cast of project runway season 15! I am so incredibly proud of myself, this experience has helped me realize that hard work DOES pay off. It’s crazy because just a couple months before I got on the show I was thinking about how hard I have been working, planting so many seeds doing so much and I just seemed to be plateauing. I wasn’t ready to give up because winners never quit and quitters never win (this is my mantra when i feel like giving up) but I was really reconsidering everything. … Giving up is never an option, it does not matter how many times I fall I will get up, it does not matter how many obstacles I encounter or what terrible shit is put on my plate I will never give up. This opportunity showed me that; through hard work, resiliency and perseverance I can do anything I put my mind to,” she wrote.

During each season of Project Runway, contestants competed in a series of challenges culminating with the production of a complete fashion collection presented at New York Fashion Week, where the winner is determined.

The show was created by Eli Holzman and hosted by model Heidi Klum. The show first appeared on the Bravo Network on Dec. 1., 2004, later moving to the Lifetime network in 2009. The series won a Peabody Award in 2007.

The 16 season 15 contestants are:

  1. Alex Snyder, 30, San Francisco
  2. Brik Allen, 26, Baton Rouge
  3. Cornelius Ortiz, 24, Boston
  4. Dexter Simmons, 32, Oakland
  5. Erin Robertson, 29, Cambridge
  6. Ian Hargrove, 30, Chicago
  7. Jenni Ricetti, 22, San Francisco
  8. Kimber Richardson, 42, New York City
  9. Tasha Henderson, 33, Shreveport
  10. Laurence Basse, 41, Los Angeles
  11. Linda Marcus, 55, Milwaukee
  12. Nathalia JMag, 23, Framingham
  13. Rik Villa, 31, Los Angeles
  14. Roberi Parra, 32, Miami
  15. Sarah Donofrio, 34, Portland
  16. Mah-Jing Wong, 28, Philadelphia

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