Framingham Has the 4th Highest Commercial Property Tax in the Commonwealth

Framingham has the 4th highest commercial property tax in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, according to the Department of Revenue’s fiscal year 2016 rates approved.

Framingham’s rate is $37.98. The City of Everett has the same rate as the Town of Framingham. The only communities higher than those two are: Holyoke at $39.86, Pittsfield at $38.06, and Springfield at $38.60. Boston is $26.81, Marlborough is $25.69, Natick is $13.57, and Worcester is $33.98.

And when it comes to residential property tax rates, Framingham is ranked 98th among 351 communities in the Commonwealth.

Framingham’s rate is $17.38. Natick is $13.57. Boston is $11, and Worcester is $20.61.

Framingham Selectmen voted three years ago to not increase the tax levy by the maximum under law of 2.5 percent each year and to limit the 3-year increase to a maximum of 3.75 percent.

Tuesday night, Framingham Town Manager Bob Halpin said that goal has been reached, and that the 3-year increase is 3.45 percent.

However, Framingham First, a group looking to change Framingham from a Town to a City, said the average single family tax bill has increased by more than 40 percent over the last decade.

And “compared to the 55 cities in the Commonwealth, we’re ranked 18th for residential property tax rate — higher than Boston, Marlborough, Lowell, Franklin, Quincy, Watertown, Weymouth, Newton, Braintree and Cambridge,” said the organization.

Tonight, the Framingham Charter Commission, a 9-member group elected by voters earlier this spring, will hold a public hearing on what form of government should be recommended to voters in April 2017.

The Commission, has already voted to support a 13-member City Council, and Monday night took an initial vote of 7-0-1 to recommend a mayor to voters.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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