For The Second Day In A Row, Framingham & Sudbury Battling Fire on Nobscot Mountain

FRAMINGHAM – Yesterday, July 20, Framingham and Sudbury fire department were battling a 2-acre fire on top of Nobscot Mountain, on the border of the two communities, for more than five hours.

This morning, July 21, Framingham and Sudbury firefighters are back on the mountain battling the fire, that flared up overnight, with support from the district 14 fire warden, said Framingham Assistant Fire Chief Mike Dutcher.

Tankers from the Ashland, Milford, Hopkinton, and Sherborn fire departments have been brought in for support, said Dutcher.

“It is tough to get water to the top of the mountain,” explained the assistant fire chief. Fire trucks also can not go up the mountain.

Dutcher said the fire, is a good “half-mile-plus into the woods.”

The call about the fire first came in Wednesday around 4 p.m.

Crews were on the scene until 9:30 Wednesday night, said Dutcher.

The fire, as Source reported yesterday, is near the Boy Scout reservation.

The fire departments were back on the mountain about 8:30 this morning.

“It’s a deep-seated fire, that is contained within a 2-acre area,” said Dutcher.

A deep-seated fire is one that burns far below the surface as opposed to a surface fire.

Assistant Fire Chief Dutcher said the fire has burned down about 6-8 inches.

The fire is very labor intensive, but there have been no injuries as of 11 a.m.

The Framingham Water Department is also assisting on the scene.

Nobscot residents have been reporting smoke in the area, and on sections of Edgell Road.


Photo courtesy of the Framingham Fire Department


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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