UPDATED: Assistant Fire Chief Retires After 3 Decades Working For Both Framingham Fire and Police

FRAMINGHAM – Thirty-one years ago John Magri attended the Massachusetts State Police Academy, then in Framingham, in the hopes of following his dad’s footsteps, and becoming a Framingham Police Officer.

Among the graduates of the Academy that year was Magri, current Framingham Police Chief Ken Ferguson, and current Ashland Police Chief Craig Davis. Magri and Ferguson had known each other before the academy, as both their dads were Framingham police officers.

Magri started with the Framingham Police Department January 7, 1985.

Magri stayed with the Framingham Police Department for three years, but then transferred to the Framingham Fire Department on Halloween 1988, where he rose to the rank of Assistant Fire Chief. Yesterday, July 15, Magri retired, after 31.5 years of working for the Town of Framingham.

“John has been a dedicated public servant for more than three decades,” said Framingham Fire Chief Joseph Hicks, who grew up on the south side of Framingham, along with Magri.

“As assistant chief he has made an impact in the department guiding several chief’s towards a safer department with special attention to  communications, technology, apparatus, equipment and personal protective gear,” said Chief Hicks.

“John’s dedication to the fire service is clearly evident in his work ethic and attention to firefighter safety above all else,” said Chief Hicks.

Magri said the department has changed significantly over the past 3 decades.

He was promoted to lieutenant on July 30, 2001 and to Assistant Fire Chief on March 2, 2005.

He said he would miss the people in the department the most.

Magri said he plans to spend time with his family, celebrate his upcoming 35th wedding anniversary, welcome his fourth grandchild, and go diving in Cozumel and the Caribbean.

As he left Framingham Fire headquarters Friday afternoon for his final day, he received a ride to his Framingham home from his friend Jim Rousseau, in his 1930 Framingham fire truck. Rousseau just purchased the antique fire truck.

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