SLIDESHOW: Middle School Students Create Mural in Downtown Framingham

FRAMINGHAM – Thursday afternoon, two classes of art students boarded a bus for a special art field trip.

Less than 2 miles away from Fuller Middle School, they arrived at their destination on Hollis Street.

For five hours, the students created a 4-sided mural in downtown Framingham, on a brick building behind the Amazing Things Arts Center.

The mural project was the brainchild of Fuller Middle visual art educator Caroline A. DiCicco, who worked with Ms. Quinlan’s class on the public art project.

She said the classes “embarked on a journey of creating art for social change,” after study public art and artists like Diego Rivera, Judy Baca and the late Keith Haring.

In early May, Framingham artist Sorin Bica, who created a public mural in downtown Framingham at the intersections of Route 135 and 126 spoke to the students.

Inspired by Bica, the students embraced a mural theme of “diversity and multiculturalism.”

“It was amazing to work with Sorin Bica,” said one student.

Bica visited the students while they created their public masterpiece on Thursday, June 2.

The public mural represents the culture of the students involved in the project. There is a giant heart made up of puzzle pieces in the colors of flags around the world. There are famous landmarks from Brazil, Australia, India, among other countries included in the mural.

The students, who all loved getting messy, were a little shy about talking about their masterpiece.

So they emailed a few thoughts to Framingham Source:

  • “We made something beautiful for Framingham, that makes it a happier place”
  • “This project was really good because I learned about different cultures as I painted with my classmates. “
  • “This is the type of experience that will stay with me forever”
  • “It was fun painting because we got to make it our own”
  • “We incorporated every culture present in our class and used a variety of colors to brighten the space”
  • “This was a great experience, to be around so many people, working on the same work of art”
  • “We all expressed ourselves and the local artists helped to inspire us.  I’ve never done anything like it before”
  • “Our mural is a vibrant coming together of the world, just like our community of Framingham.  Mr. Bica helped us to connect our ideas and inspire us”
  • “We made something beautiful for Framingham”
  • “This was a really amazing experience, I’ve never done anything like it and I think it’s really important to use our art to make a difference in our community”
  • “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world”
  • “Art can transform our community by getting a building that looks old and transforming it into a colorful building. In my opinion, it gave the building ‘life’.”
  • “Art is a way to express feelings and what you believe in.”
  • “Diversity, because we are all equal and we are bicultural.”
  • “Art can make one simple thing into something important.”
  • “Art can change something from boring to beautiful.”

The students also learned how to problem solve while creating the multi-sided mural.

At one point during clean-up, one of the students spilled a big blob of black paint in the parking lot near the mural. The students, with the help of their teacher, created two shadow figures near the mural.

The paint and supplies for the project were donated to Fuller Middle by Sherwin Williams in Framingham.


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