Subaru Goes Airborne Crashes Into Connolly Sign, Destroys Several Vehicles

Framingham Police are looking for two men believed to be responsible for a crash at a Framingham car dealership, early Saturday morning, that destroyed a handful of vehicles on the lot.

Witnesses tell Police that one of the men was driving a Subaru that went airborne early Saturday morning and crashed into the Herb Connolly Hyundai dealership sign. The crash moved the Connolly dealership sign almost off its post. The sign was turned 90 degrees on Saturday morning, June 4.

A witness told Framingham Police she heard the collision and witnessed two males running away from the vehicle, said Lt. Harry Wareham.

She said she saw multiple airbags deployed, and steam and smoke was coming from the car, said Lt, Wareham.

The witness told Police she saw the two men flee on foot down Fraser Road, said Lt. Wareham.

By the time Framingham Police arrived on the scene, the vehicle was empty.

The crash happened at 500 Worcester Road at 2:08 a.m. on June 4, according to the police report.

According to the police report, the Subaru travelling at a high rate of speed crashed into a parked Saturn. That Saturn sedan crashed into two other vehicles, and during the chain reaction the Subaru, like a scene from a movie travelled, sideways and airborne into the dealership sign.

The crash was “so violent” it ripped the hood off vehicle four, said Lt Wareham, and “snapped a tree” inits path.

Police tracked down the owner of the vehicle but have not made any arrests, as of Monday morning, June 6, said Lt. Wareham.

Alcohol and marijuana was found inside the vehicle.

Doug Connolly said the vehicles in the dealership lot damaged were a loss, on Saturday afternoon.

Photo by Omar Salazar
Photo by Omar Salazar




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