Friday Is Deadline to Participate in Framingham Charter Commission Survey

The Framingham Charter Commission, a group of 9 elected individuals tasked to study Framingham’s form of government and make some recommendations for changes, is asking residents to aparticipate in a survey.

The first survey by the Commission is online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Commission said all responses are confidential and will be seen only be members of the Charter Commission.

Surveys are available in a paper form at the Framingham Town Clerk’s office.

The deadline to participate in this first survey is Friday, June 3.

Some of the survey questions in this current survey include:

How do you feel about Framingham’s current government? Do you think that Framingham’s government is generally heading in the right direction or do you feel that things are generally on the wrong track?
  • Right direction
  • Wrong direction
  • Unsure
Based on what you think right now, which of these basic forms of municipal government should Framingham have?
Please keep in mind that we realize each of these forms of government has their specific details that may affect your preferences, such as length of terms, specific responsibilities, etc. These are structures we will ask about in future surveys.
  • A Council and a Mayor to oversee day to day operations
  • A Council that appoints a Manager to oversee day-to-day operations
  • Representative Town Meeting, Selectmen and Manager
  • Unsure / no preference at this point
Governments can be designed in many ways. Please rank the following eight traits in order of your priority for Framingham’s government. Please note that you should only use each number one time for all these questions, so you need to look at the whole list before deciding which is your #1 priority, #2. etc.
  • The eight traits are:
    Speed of decisions, representation, leadership, division of power, avenues for participation, transparency, citizen concerns, accountability The government should be able to make decisions quickly.
  • Each geographic region of Framingham should be represented equally.
  • We should have a clear leader to represent the community.
  • Power/responsibilities should be spread so that no one person/group has the majority of the power.
  • There should be many ways for residents to participate in the government.
  • Decisions should be made in as open and transparent way as possible.
  • Citizens should be able to bring decisions they are unhappy with directly to the voters.
  • There should be ways to make sure that leaders are accountable to the public.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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