Framingham Schools ‘Communication Needs To Improve Dramatically’

“Communication needs to improve dramatically,”  said the new chair of the Framingham School Committee’s sub-committee on Communication Jim Kelly to Framingham Source.

The Framingham School Committee sub-committee now comprised of Kelly, Rick Finlay and Beverly Hugo had its first meeting Tuesday night.

“We have about a million and one things to get accomplished,” said Kelly yesterday.

Kelly said the Committee will hold a meeting on Thursday, June 9, and invite members of the former Framingham School Committee’s Communications and Public Relations Task Force, Framingham Source Publisher and Editor Susan Petroni, and former School Committee member Adam Blumer to speak about how to improve communications in the public school district. The public may attend the meeting at the Perini Building, where school administration offices are located.

Kelly said one of the first tasks will be to evaluate where school administration is in completing the recommendation of the former Framingham School Committee’s Communications and Public Relations Task Force submitted and accepted by the Framingham School Committee a year ago.

“We will be setting some high goals to deal with some major concerns,” said Kelly to Framingham Source.

Kelly said he also wants the public, especially parents involved in the process.

He said there will be a meeting for parents to speak either before the end of this school year or at the start of the new school year in September.

“Meeting with parents is very important,” said Kelly. “I want their input.”

Kelly said in some areas of communication the school district has dug itself a deeper hole.

The Framingham School Committee’s Communications and Public Relations Task Force presented its final report to the School Committee in May 2015.

One of the recommendations was to have an overhaul of the district’s website by January 1, 2016.

Kelly told Framingham Source, the new website is about 60 percent complete, as of now.

Hired in June 2015, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Frank Tiano has been in charge of communications in the district since he bagn his employment and is the point person on the website redesign.

The task force made a series of recommendations aimed at strengthening communication between the school district and the entire community.
They included:

  • Improve the quality of the communications from the Superintendent’s office and other sources within FPS by establishing a proper review process and an updated and clear policy to govern all communications moving forward.
  • Appoint a project manager from existing staff to overhaul the district website, as it is a critical information hub and communications center.
  • Support genuine two-way communications by welcoming community feedback. Procedures must be established for receiving input and responding in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that communications relating to academic matters are given a high priority by keeping parents more consistently informed across the district.

“We want to hold our administration communications to the same standards teachers have for their students,” said the task force.

Members of the Task Force included School Committee member Jim Stockless, Palmer, School Committee member Don Taggart, former School Committee member Eric Silverman, then TWPTO co-president Kim Comatas, Catherine Allen, Geoffrey Epstein, Brian Menna, Brad Puffer and Laura Richards.

One of the biggest issues identified by the task force was the lack of ownership to improve communications in the district.

“No one owns the role of communications,” said Allen last May.

Click here to read the complete task force recommendations.





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