SLIDESHOW: Fuller Middle Drama Program Earns Gold Medal

Fuller Middle School’s drama program earned a gold medal in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) Middle School Drama Festival on Sunday, May 1.

The students performed Orphan Trains, under the direction of Teri Shea.

Orphan Trains, by Deborah Craig, tells the emotional and touching story of orphans from New York City who travelled on trains to find new homes with families who adopted them.

Student Julia Rivera was the stage manager.

Fuller Middle also received four individual awards.

They also received 4 individual All Star Company Awards.

Excellence in Acting for Ava Towle, Alex Badaracco and Jillian Wadland. And, an Excellence in Lighting Design and Execution for Santiago Hernandez. 
“I am very proud of the hard work and dedication the  Fuller students showed from memorizing monologues for their auditions back in February to their standing ovation for every award given last night’s at the awards ceremony.  I could not be more proud of them,” said Shea.

Members of the cast included (listed in order of appearance)”

Gabriel Cruz – Newsboy

Dartagnan Rupert – Reverend Brace

Sophia Mavrikis – Narrator

Ava Towle – Maria

Jocelyn Wadland – Miss. Scott

Kristina Evans  – Mrs. Singer

Alex Badaracco – George Singer & Yakob

Jaden Sicotte – Milo Burke

Alex McLaughlin – Mr. Clifford

Charlie Gordon – Patrick Burke

Ben Heggs – Michael Burke

Ryan Mclrney – Farmer Lathie

Kirsten Harrod – Chris

Maura Halpin – Clara Lathie

Jillian Wadland – Marlena

Gabriella Bortolotti – Mattie Wrightman

Fiana Herscovici – Mrs. Strokes

Winston Lewis – Mayor Cregan

Sarah Olson – Justina

Sonnet Shea – Emma

Allison Broderick – Orphan

Katie Najarian – Orphan

Lauren Trierweiler – Orphan

Micaela Thibeault – Town Folk  

Monique Souza – Town Folk  

Rachael Neiberger – Town Folk

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