BREAKING – Leadership Change at Framingham High

Ralph Olsen is out as acting Framingham High Principal.

Superintendent of Schools Stacy Scott said Olsen was “slated to finish” his time this week.

Scott said Associate Principal Anne Ludes will fill in as Principal until Principal Elyse Torbert returns from maternity leave.

Torbert was “back in the building today” said Scott.

Olsen did not appear on Flyer News this morning, and cancelled on appearing at the Framingham High PTO tonight.

Scott said Torbert still has about 6 weeks left on her maternity leave and will work part time over the next six weeks.

Torbert gave birth to a son last month, her second child.

This is her first year as principal at Framingham High,

Asked why Olsen was hired as acting principal when Ludes could have filled in for Torbert on maternity leave, Scott said she was busy with MCAS.

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