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Framingham SOURCE is an independent, community news site. Source is a 365-day a year, 24-hour a day news organization.

The focus is on Framingham schools, government, and community but the site has a MetroWest flavor when it comes to restaurants, things to do, and businesses.

Framingham Source is the best way to reach customers in Framingham (and MetroWest).

Yes, Framingham Source is just a year old – it launched on April 13, 2016, but readership is still growing.

Monthly, more than 40,000 unique visitors are on Framingham Source, according to Google Analytics.

In its first year of publishing, Source had more than 3.3 million page views.

Framingham Source has developed a growing social media presence, with more than 5,500 Facebook followers (and 5,400 fans), more than 1,000 Instagram followers and more than 1,250 Twitter followers.

The main reason is because Framingham Source is focused on Framingham.

Our readers are focused on Framingham and so are we!

Thus, the “Our Framingham” in our logo.

Our Facebook readers are active and engaged.

Both the main site and Facebook readership has the demographic advertisers want.

  • 69 percent of Source readers are women, of which 68 percent are between the ages 25 and 55
  • 61 percent read the Framingham Source on mobile devices or tables

There isn’t a better way to reach Framingham residents than with an advertisement with Framingham Source.

Framingham Source offers a variety of ad styles and options.

Advertising can be placed on the Source site or in the Source newsletter.

Advertising rates start at as low as $80 a month.


Click here for our rates.

Want to advertise? Email or call Susan Petroni at 508-315-7176


Advertisers can provide camera-ready ads or Source can help you design an ad.

There is a cost for ad design.

Below are some of our special advertising options:

Pricing below, except where noted, is in addition to the monthly rates, except where noted.

LEFT & RIGHT SIDE WALLPAPER Advertising — $1,000 a month

(This is the monthly rate, no additional charges.)

ABOVE THE LOGO FLY OUT AD — $1,000 a month

(This is the monthly rate, no additional charges.)

SLIDE IN — $1,500 a month

(This is the monthly rate, no additional charges.)

*** Framingham Source Designed Ads
These ads can be designed by Source and placed onto
They are not available for the newsletter.

AMAZING CUBE AD – Extra – $50 per month


YOU TUBE VIDEO AD – Extra – $40 a month


REAL ESTATE SPECIAL – Extra – $25 per month


BEFORE & AFTER AD – Extra – $25 per month

SCRATCH AD – Extra – $25 per month

FLIPPER AD – Extra – $25 per month

SLIDESHOW AD – Extra – $25 per month

COUNTDOWN AD – Extra – $25 per month

CLICK TO ENLARGE AD – Extra – $35 per month

COUPON AD – Extra – $20 per month

RIBBON AD – Extra – $10 per month

TEXT & PHOTO AD – Extra $10 a month